Wicked, I would be interested to hear how you get on. Surely some sort of competitive something or other will cause it to break, right? The Polar Grit X bumps around a bit here and there too (though, fairly minor for it). Super-duper easy. Simple labeled “TICKR V2” on the back of the unit, the new TICKRs are incremental but welcome upgrades to an already established and hugely popular first generation line. The ‘Workout Profiles’ you see in the app above are purely for the Wahoo app if recording a workout in that app – there’s no standalone functionality for the TICKR X that has different workout profiles or anything like some optical HR straps have. Also, the slight differences in transmission/reception rate causes differences in the exact data shown. Scott, a few reviews above mention the same thing as you are experiencing. And I also suspect you’ve never used that metric anyway. C) Garmin FR245 (hand-held, paired to Garmin HRM-TRI) Are these straps washable like the Garimin ones? I don’t have a good way to test that low. – Can set laps via tapping The only ‘gap’ you’d have in that scenario vs the HRM-TRI is (beyond swimming) the lack of GCT Balance and lack of Garmin Running Power support. Then from there, if you back out into the history, you’ll see the downloaded workouts. Pair TICKR X to multiple devices at once, with up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections, and to the most popular training apps to create a dynamic workout experience. Specially, here’s what’s different: – [New] Added ANT+ Running Dynamics Support (previously Wahoo did non-standardized running efficiency metrics) – [New] Expanded storage from 16 hours to 50 hours of memory for workout saving/storage – Measures indoor cycling cadence – Measures treadmill pace/distance – Shows running efficiency metrics in app – Can set laps via tapping – Can control the Wahoo app, even your music (when paired with phone and Wahoo app) – Can upload completed workouts to various 3rd party platforms. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. My Tickr is probably due a new one. So the higher value seems more likely. Once the TICKR X is paired up, simply start a run, and it’ll show and record your running efficiency metrics there live: Note that the running dynamics metrics are only recorded to the app if you use the app to start and record the entire time, the workout. Still, I’ll try. Hi Ray, if you’ve done that treadmill accuracy test i’ll be happy if you could share your thoughts. It’s actually thicker than their past strap: I never really had a thick/thinness issue on the previous one, so I’ll just assume this makes me faster somehow.

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