Whether the current user can move children of this folder outside of the shared drive. Whether the current user can move this file to trash. This parameter only takes effect if the item is not in a shared drive. Only populated for shortcut files, which have the mimeType field set to.

To change permissions on a file or folder, change the assigned role. Files resource contains a collection of boolean to the permission. Only populated for items in shared drives. Whether the user owns the file. xCoordinate: The make of the camera used to create the photo. This guide explains how to perform some basic folder-related tasks. domain and the role of commenter grants everyone in the domain the ability membership, the new permission becomes the effective role for the file or Whether the current user can read the shared drive to which this file belongs. Inherited permissions can be removed from items under following code snippet shows how to create a folder using a client library: To create a file in a folder, use the A link to the user's profile photo, if available. Entries with null values are cleared in update and copy requests. Whether the current user can move this item outside of this drive by changing its parent. Google just announced that they already depreciated the Google Drive API for Android. The MD5 checksum for the content of the file. The If a file is read-only, a new revision of the file may not be added, comments may not be added or modified, and the title of the file may not be modified. Whether the current user can add a folder from another drive (different shared drive or My Drive) to this folder. Whether the current user can edit this file. The last time the file was viewed by the user (RFC 3339 date-time). by all child files and folders.

Typically lasts on the order of hours.

Whether the current user can remove a parent from the item without adding another parent in the same request. Permission lists for a folder propagate downward and are inherited role. The owners of the file. Whether the file has been viewed by this user. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, and code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. role of commenter as part of membership to a shared drive.

This does not indicate whether the requesting app has access to the thumbnail. share (add a member to) a shared drive , the user must have the role of The MIME type of the file that this shortcut points to. provide an emailAddress to tie To create a folder, use the files.create Every Google Drive file, folder, and shared drive has associated

Additional metadata about video media. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. When you create a permission where type is domain, you must also provide a The date and time the photo was taken (EXIF DateTime). The value of this field is a snapshot of the target's MIME type, captured when the shortcut is created.

Instead these permissions must be adjusted on the direct or indirect parent from For example, when Jon logs into your app and tries to share a file, Jon's role

Whether there are permissions directly on this file. The following code snippet or revoke the permission on the parent file or folder instead.

all permissions for a file, folder, or shared drive. To revoke access to an file or folder, call Text to be indexed for the file to improve fullText queries. List of permission IDs for users with access to this file. Whether the current user can download this file. the current user's Permissions resource to add comments to a file. To share a file or folder, the user must have the role of "writer."

with a type of user and a role of reader grants a specific user (role=reader) while another permission grants members of a specific group the permissions on the new folder propagates to the file. Not populated for items in shared drives. For a folder in a shared drive, use. Only populated if, The type of the content restriction.

capabilities fields used to indicate if an action can be performed on a file The type identifies If your apps use this APIs you may get the email about this. For items in a shared drive, inherited permissions can not be revoked. In the Rest API … identifies the permission for a specific type (user, group, domain, anyone) This is only available for files with binary content in Google Drive. The number of storage quota bytes used by the file. files in Google Drive. To change canShare is set to true. The exposure mode used to create the photo. The user's ID as visible in Permission resources. granted, such as, Sign up for the Google Developers newsletter. (type=group) the ability to add comments to the file (role=commenter). For example, a permission Inherited permissions can't be removed from a file or folder in a shared drive. All users with access can copy, download, export, and share the file. Only populated if such a restriction exists. We strongly recommend using batch requests to modify multiple permissions. Only populated if, The time at which the content restriction was set (formatted RFC 3339 timestamp). This is false when the item is not a folder.

Shortcut file details.

For example, These fields are set by the Google Drive API based on Capabilities the current user has on this file. This may not be available immediately upon upload. old role. Optional query parameters: emailMessage: string: A plain text custom message to include in the notification email.

To change the role on a file or folder, you need to know the source of the A monotonically increasing version number for the file. share the file, your app would check the capabilities to ensure Specifically. The value cannot be changed unless a new revision is uploaded. identifies the operations that the type can perform.

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