It also ensures the heavy graphics cards to be well-installed in the PCI-E slot safely. ASRock Live Update & APP Shop is designed for your convenience. ASRock Full Spike Protection includes various technologies to prevent your motherboard’s components from being damaged by these unexpected voltage spikes. Supreme 12K black capacitors with lifespans of at least 12,000 hours. ASRock ライブ更新と APP ショップ. A new world of cinematic audio that delivers unprecedented levels of audio realism, dynamics and punch to gaming sound. Using only carefully selected copper materials for PCB layers, 2oz Copper PCB delivers lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking. Everything will wear off in time, but gold looks better! クチコミ投稿数:7267件 Goodアンサー獲得:891件. 1 点. The above user interface picture is a sample for reference. A new mysterious matte black and copper color scheme to match the prestigious components on ASRock's high-end motherboards. The actual user interface may vary with the updated software version. CPU - AMD AM4 ソケット - デジタル電源 - 9 電源フェーズ設計. High Density Glass Fabric PCB design that reduces the gaps between the PCB layers to protect the motherboard against electrical shorts caused by humidity. Users may also synchronize RGB LED devices across the. Any configuration other than original product specification is not guaranteed. ASRock partners with Fatal1ty to incorporate a design philosophy and features most desired by top tier gears. This header provides a maximum of 2A power for supporting the most popular water pumps. ASRock Full Spike Protection (for all USB, Audio, LAN Ports) ASRock Live Update & APP Shop. It comes with 2 ounces copper inner layers, using only carefully selected copper materials for PCB layers, delivering lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking. After plugging a USB mouse into the Fatal1ty Mouse Port and running F-Stream, gamers can choose their own preferred mouse polling rate from 125 Hz to 1000 Hz. ネットからドライバをダウンロードしたいのですが英語でよく分からなかったので分かる方お願いします . The brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Chipset - AMD Promontory B450. In addition to the built-in RGB illumination, it also features onboard RGB headers and an addressable RGB header that allow motherboard to be connected to compatible LED devices such as strip, CPU fans, coolers, chassis and so on. F-Stream is an all-in-1, multi-purpose tuning program that supports overclocking, hard-ware tuning such as energy usage, H/W monitor, fan speed control and so on. チップセット - AMD Promontory B450. ドライバをインストールする前に、必ずオペレーティングシステムをアップデートしてください。 Windows 10 - 64ビット版 ... AMD B450 Chipset AMD X470 Chipset AMD X570 Chipset AMD B550 Chipset AMD A520 Chipset AMD TRX40 Chipset. The advanced PCI-E Steel Slot packed with solid cover that prevent any signal interference with graphics cards. Memory - Dual Channel DDR4 Memory Technology - 2 x DDR4 DIMM Slots - AMD Ryzen series CPUs (Matisse) support DDR4 3200 / 2933 / 2667 / 2400 / 2133 ECC & non-ECC, un-buffered memory * - AMD Ryzen series … クールシルバーメタリックさん. Allows ASRock to be your most trustworthy ally, providing both hardware and software support.

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